Before booking we would like you to familiarize yourself with our Terms & Conditions.


Cielo di Puglia acts as a broker and rents properties in the name and on account of the owner.

The client can either reserve a property by email, via the contact form or by callling us. We endeavour to get back to the client with the availability and a quotation as soon as possible. By accepting our offer in writing (by email) the client automatically agrees to our Terms & Conditions. Once the client has accepted the offer Cielo di Puglia will send a booking confirmation. If the chosen property is not available for the dates requested, Cielo di Puglia will propose a suitable alternative.

During the high season the regular day of arrival and departure is Saturday. If the client is unable to plan his stay accordingly, Cielo di Puglia will liaise with the property owner and try to accommodate the client’s arrival and departure dates. During quieter seasons, more flexibility on the arrival and departure dates can be expected.


The booking confirmation also includes the bank details of Cielo di Puglia. In order to secure the reservation, the client will have to transfer a deposit of 30% of the total stay amount into the bank account of Cielo di Puglia. Within 2 days of receipt of the booking confirmation we require a proof of payment. The actual payment will have to be in our bank account within 7 days of receipt of the booking confirmation. Otherwise the booking cannot be guaranteed and the accommodation can be rented to somebody else. In this case Cielo di Puglia will try to find an adequate alternative or refund the deposit.
The remaining amount will have to be received by Cielo di Puglia no later than 45 days before arrival. In case the transfer is not made on time the owner has the right to withdraw from the contract and charge for cancellation. More information on all relevant fees can be found under paragraph: Cancellations.
When booking less than 45 days prior to arrival the advance payment of 30% is not applicable. In this case the total stay amount will have to be transferred into the account of Cielo di Puglia immediately upon receipt of the booking confirmation.
Any occurring bank fees will have to be settled by the client.

Booking Voucher:

Once the full balance has been received, Cielo di Puglia will issue a booking voucher and send it to the client by email. This includes the contact details of the owner, the address of the property, details for the handover of the keys, as well as directions to the meeting point.
The voucher is only valid for the guests listed on it and cannot be passed on to a third party. Please also refer to paragraphs: Number of Guests and Name Change for additional guests and name changes.
At arrival the booking voucher has to be passed on to the owner/administrator. In case of any discrepancies, the owner has the right to withdraw from the contract immediately, without refunding any of the payments.


Cancellations are only accepted in writing. To cancel an email should be sent to

The following cancellation policy applies:
Up to 90 days before arrivalRefund of the deposit minus € 50 administration fee
90 – 45 days before arrival30% of the total stay rate
44 – 31 days before arrival60% of the total stay rate
30 – 0 days before arrival100% of the total stay rate (this also accounts for no shows)

The cancellation fees shown above also apply in case of no shows. Missing days resulting from earlier departures and later arrivals will not be refunded.
The above cancellation fees also apply in case of missed or delayed payments to Cielo di Puglia. Please refer to the paragraph b. (Payments) for more on this topic.

Under unforeseeable or extraordinary circumstances the owner can deem it necessary to amend or cancel the booking. In this case Cielo di Puglia will inform the guest immediately and offer an alternative accommodation or a full refund of any payment already made by the client.

  1. If the rates are lower than initially agreed on for the original property, the difference will be refunded immediately. If the rates are higher, the client will have to agree in writing to the new proposal and transfer the difference as soon as possible. In both cases Cielo di Puglia will issue a new voucher and send it by email to the client.
  2. If the guest does not want to accept the alternative accommodation offered to him, the already made payments to Cielo di Puglia will be refunded to the guest immediately.

Cielo di Puglia cannot be held responsible for any moral and/or material damages caused by a booking cancellation or amendment.


All prices for apartments and villas mentioned on the site are weekly rates. For hotels and guesthouses prices are per night (unless specified differently). All rates include VAT, electricity, gas, bed linen, towels, and final cleaning. Not included are heating costs which will be calculated according to consumption and are payable separately upon check out. More information regarding additional services not included in the price can be found as part of the property description.
Rates cannot be amended once the booking confirmation has been sent.

Number of Guests:

The maximum number of guests allowed for the chosen accommodation cannot be exceeded. This information is shown in each property description. Children aged 24 months or older count as a full person as to capacity. Guests can be added to the booking only if this does not exceed the number of guests permitted and solely upon previous agreement with Cielo di Puglia. Upon acceptance of the amendment, Cielo di Puglia will issue a new voucher and send it to the client by email.

Name Change:

If the guest would like to pass on the reservation to someone else, Cielo di Puglia will have to be informed in writing ahead of arrival at the property. Upon acceptance of the amendment, Cielo di Puglia will issue a new voucher and send it to the client by email. All rights and liabilities will be passed on to the replacement.


Normally the check in time for all properties is between 4pm and 7pm. It may be possible to arrange different check in times, however, this cannot be guaranteed. For organizational purposes we ask all our clients to specify their arrival time at least one week in advance.

Should the guest be delayed, he will have to let the owner/representative know immediately. For delays after 7pm, the owner has the right to charge € 10 per waiting hour, which are to be paid directly on site.

No Shows, Late Arrivals and Early Departures:

No refund or compensation will be given to the claimant in regards to any partially or fully unused rental time, regardless of the circumstances that prevented the claimant to partially or fully exercise their rights in connection to the rental agreement. The abovementioned circumstances include, but are not limited to, force majeure, bereavements, missed or cancelled transportation and any sort of impending event.


At arrival at the property the owner/representative will ask the client for a security deposit in cash. How much this amounts to is specified in the information material Cielo di Puglia sends to the guest by email before the trip and in the Booking Voucher. The deposit will be refunded at check out. Any additional services used, or any damages to the property will be deducted off the deposit.


Each property description specifies whether or not pets are allowed. If this is the case, the pet will have to be authorized in writing by Cielo di Puglia ahead of the trip. At the owner’s discretion and in relation to the pet, the client might be charged an extra cleaning fee or a higher security deposit to be paid at arrival. In case the pet has not been authorized by Cielo di Puglia before arrival, the owner has the right to withdraw from the contract without refunding the rental fee.


The property is handed over to the guest clean and tidy. All clients are asked to return the property as much as possible as they found it. Final cleaning, which is included in the rental price, does not include waste disposal or the cleaning of dirty dishes. Should the guests disregard the abovementioned conduct, the owner has the right to deduct an extra cleaning fee from the security deposit at check out.


All accommodations have to be vacated between 8am and 10am. It may be possible to extend the check out time upon previous agreement with the owner.

Responsibilities of the Guest:

The guest is liable for all damages he, or his fellow travelers and/or visitors, cause to the property or its inventory. The guest is obliged to treat the property and its inventory with considerable care. This also includes all outdoor spaces (i.e. garden and plants, pool, gates and walls). In case of any damages the guest has to inform the owner or Cielo di Puglia without delay.
Under no circumstances a destructive or aggressive behavior by the guest and/or by his fellow travelers or visitors, as well as the generation of considerable noise and disturbance to neighbours, is allowed or condoned. In case of violation of the house rules and/or these Terms & Conditions, the owner has the right to withdraw from the rental contract immediately and evict the guest without refunding any already made payments.
At check-out the owner has the right to deduct any costs for damages to the property and its inventory from the security deposit. The owner reserves the right to seek further compensation for any of the abovementioned damages or disturbances.

Insurance Cover:

It is an express condition of booking that all party members must have adequate personal liability, accident, medical and cancellation insurance from the date of confirmation. No liability whatsoever shall attach to the owner or Cielo di Puglia in the event of any party member’s failure to take out adequate insurance.

Exclusion of Liability:

The owner and Cielo di Puglia are not liable in case of missing services, failure to fully enjoy services or exercise all rights in connection to the rental agreement and these Terms and Conditions, due to any circumstance beyond their control. This includes, but is not limited to, adverse weather conditions, fires, environmental catastrophes, strikes, war, epidemics, natural or artificial sounds and construction works in the surrounding area.
The owner and Cielo di Puglia are not responsible in case of occasional disruptions or break-downs in the water or electricity supply.
Prior to the arrival date, the property owner will make sure that all appliances are fully functional. However, the owner and Cielo di Puglia do not take responsibility if any appliance stops working during the stay. This includes, but is not limited to, heating, Air Conditioning and any appliance necessary for the running of the swimming pool. Should any of the abovementioned circumstances occur, it is sole responsibility of the owner to take all necessary measures to solve the situation.
The owner and Cielo di Puglia are not liable in case of theft or break-in. It is the sole responsibility of the guest when leaving items of value behind in the rental property. In case of loss or damage of personal belongings, neither Cielo di Puglia nor the owner take any responsibility.
Cielo di Puglia cannot be made responsible in case of any accident that might occur to the client and/or his guests during the stay and might result in any sort of injury or death. The client and his guests are obliged to use the premises and its outdoor spaces in a careful and considerate fashion, avoiding at all times behaviors that can result in injuries of all sorts, especially in areas such as staircases, swimming pools, outside areas and in proximity of gas stoves, fireplaces, dry stone walls and any sharp edge or object. It is sole responsibility of the guests to supervise children and/or physically and/or mentally disabled persons and guard their safety at all times.

The Owner:

During the rental period, and upon previous announcement, the owner or his representative have the right to enter the property and its surroundings in order to take care of necessary maintenance. Small changes to the interior or exterior of the property are always possible.


All properties represented by Cielo di Puglia have been carefully chosen and are suitable as holiday rentals. Cielo di Puglia has visited every property to ensure a high level of quality and suitability.
The properties are individually furnished and reflect the taste of the owner and often the traditions of the region. The facilities and furnishings are orientated on Italian standards.
Due to the rural setting of most properties, the presence of small insects (ants, flies, spiders etc) and small lizards cannot be avoided. Additionally, the client has to take into consideration that rural sounds such as birds, crickets, dogs and agricultural machines might occur.


In the case of complaint, the guest is obliged to notify the owner or Cielo di Puglia immediately (by email or telephone). Any deficiency in the offered service has to be mentioned on the spot or at the earliest opportunity. If a problem occurs, the guest is obliged to do his best in helping to resolve the situation and keep the damage as limited as possible. The guest has to give the owner or Cielo di Puglia the chance to personally verify and solve the problem. Cielo di Puglia and the owner will not accept any claim in relation to unverified problems or circumstances reported too late.
If the problem cannot be solved within a reasonable timeframe and represents a serious obstacle to the enjoyment of the service and all rights in connection to the rental agreement and these Terms & Conditions, Cielo di Puglia will offer an alternative accommodation without charging any extra fee.
Depending on the nature of the problem and the time it took to solve it, Cielo di Puglia may offer a discount as compensation for the inconvenience. Any such claims have to be forwarded to Cielo di Puglia in writing within 30 days starting from the check-out date.

Final Clauses

Any amendment to the contract, to the acceptance of the contract, or to these Terms & Conditions have to be agreed in writing by both Cielo di Puglia and the client and shall not deem invalid the rest of the hereof agreement. One sided changes by both parties are not valid.
Sole place of jurisdiction is the place of business of Cielo di Puglia. Italian laws apply. Place of fulfillment and payment is the place of business of Cielo di Puglia.